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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Google Analytics new feature – Site Search

Google analytics accounts have access to a new feature i.e. site search.

With the help of Google analytics site search feature, people can see how people search their site once they are already on it. Alden DeSoto of Google Analytics Team explained:

“This is a goldmine of information because every time visitors search, they literally tell you in their own words what they are looking for. You'll not only see their initial searches, but how they attempted to refine searches when they didn't find what they were looking for. You'll see which pages they searched from and where they ended up. And you'll see how site search correlates with conversion and e commerce activity.”

The site search reports will appear within the content section. The site search feature needs to be enabled before someone sees the reports in the navigation.

The report breakdown is as follows:

• Overview is both a summary of site search activity and a jumping-off point to discover additional site search information.
• Usage allows you to compare visits that included site search against visits that did not include site search.
• Search Terms shows you what people search for and how they attempt to refine unsuccessful searches.
• Start Pages and Destination Pages show you where visitors begin their searches and where they end up.
• Categories show you the product groups and areas on your site that visitors search.
• Trending allows you to track individual search metrics over time. The Segments menu, available in most reports, allows you to cross segment any group of searchers

More information available at: