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Sunday, January 27, 2008 - Skin feature (Awesome) has launched a skins feature. This feature will help you personalizing homepage. You can choose this feature from the different skins given by or you can upload your any image from your computer.

To access this feature, click on the skins button which is just below the search box.

Now you choose from the available skins or you can upload a new skin by choosing upload your own option.

If you choose "upload your own" option, a new window will appear which will ask you to browse an image from your computer or you can add an image from web by giving its url.

After clicking I agree, the next window will ask for the name of the image and you can also align your picture according to your preferences. Click next and you skin will be ready to upload.

You can use the uploaded image as skin or you can save it for later use.

Well if you would like to make some changes you can always go back & edit it or upload a new one.

You can save your skin preferences by signing into Mystuff account. This is a way to make your own home page.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Google Analytics blog has recently launched an an updated version of

For those who don't know what Conversion university is, Conversion university offers tips and best practices designed to help you improve your online results.

It is now available in all 25 Google Analytics supported languages. It can give you help on different internet marketing topics like Adwords targeting, Adwords tracking, SEM strategy, Optimizing Adwords ROI and may more.

It also contains videos which includes full presentations from Conversion University events. The following video explains how to establish context for your data and empower stakeholders to take action by Avinash Kaushik.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Google Docs - customizable headers and footers

Google docs has recently announced customizable headers and footers features for printed documents. This feature has been announced to improve the printing features in Google Docs.

You can insert a header or footer by selecting header or footer from the "insert" tab. A box surrounded by dashed lines will appear and whatever is placed in that box will be repeated on each page of printed document.

More information available at:

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Launch of Adsense Newbie Central

Adsense has launched Newbie Central where new adsense account holders can find a walk-through of the initial steps getting started, from familiarizing yourself with your account to placing ads on your site to receiving your very first payment. There are also brief guides available about various features, policies, and tools.

There is a Earnings and Expectations section available, which provide insight into how much you can expect to earn and you can do to influence your earnings.

More information available at: