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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sitelinks got multiplied by 2

Google search search results will now show 8 sitelinks instead of 4. Sitelinks are the set of links below some search results that lets you jump directly to useful pages deeper in the site. Google blog has given this information few days back.

The extra will give users to access to more areas of the website and will also provide a good overview of the website.

Google people are working on bringing sitelinks for many more website with descriptive names. Google aims at providing users with more meaningful improvements so that users can access information quickly.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Features in Adsense account

Adsense Blog has announced that they have made some updates in Adsense account based on the suggestions received from Adsense account users:

  • Now ID number associated with a specific custom channel can be viewed by visiting Channels link under Adsense Tab. This information has been added because many users want channel ID numbers for ad management programs which they are using.
  • All ad units generated within last 7 days that haven't yet received any impressions will now be listed as New rather than active in Status column.
  • Most recent date will be displayed when ever you will update your ad units. Any ad units generated or edited before this display change will show a last-edited date of November 1st, 2007.
  • Google guys are working on the manage ads feature for referral units. They say that soon they will prompt you to enter names for your newly generated referral units.
All the features sound interesting & useful to me. You can also send your suggestions to Google by visiting the following link:

Important Adsense announcement – Save your top queries data

Adsense Blog has announced that there is an important change coming on December 10th that will affect your top queries data. From December 10th Adsense for Search top query data that's more than a year old will no longer be available.

If you have important top queries data which are older than a year old, please run any appropriate reports and save them before December 10th.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Gmail Colored Labels

Gmail blog has announced that they have added colors to labels.

Labels in Gmail do all the work of folders. You can add color to labels by clicking the color swatch next to each label to assign a color. The colored labels will help you better organize email with new colored labels.

More Information available at:

Google Adwords Template Center

Google Adwords blog has announced that they have launched Adwords Template Center.

This is free tool and it is available via My Client Center (MCC). This will allow My Client Center account managers to create templates for pre-defined Adwords campaigns and share them with their directly linked Adwords accounts. Advertisers with these linked accounts can quickly and easily view and customize the templates to run their own Adwords campaigns. The MCC account managers can create policies to restrict use of certain keywords.

More information available at:

Sunday, December 2, 2007

New features in Google Reader

Google reader has announced two new features. The new features are recommendations & drag-and-drop capabilities.

Google recommendations can be found on the top right hand side corner of the Google reader home page and on the directory page.

These recommendations are determined by what other feeds you subscribe to, as well as your Web History data.

Another feature which is announced is drag-and-drop support for subscriptions and folders. You can now easily move feeds between folders, as well as reorder things up and down within the list.

More Information available at: