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Monday, November 26, 2007

Custom Search platform now available in more languages

Since the launch of Custom search engine, Custom Search administration console was only available in English. Google has recently announced that Custom Search platform now supports 40 languages in close to 80 countries worldwide.

Custom Search is available as a free, ads-supported version. Webmasters can use CSE to create tailored search experiences on community web sites; businesses can add hosted site search to their web sites; users can add search to their blogs and web pages; and developers can build search right into their applications with the Custom Search APIs.

Custom search engine doesn't require any software to install. CSE can be easily built and customized according to the look and feel of your web site. With Custom Search Business Edition (CSBE). Further customization of search results is possible using an XML API, and ads are optional. CSBE offers options for email and phone support also.

More Information available at: